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WANTED: Technologically-Frustrated Entrepreneurs

You work your butt off to make your business a success.

Long hours, working weekends, late nights, missed vacations… the whole nine yards. Not everyone has the time, know-how, or energy to pour into every aspect of what it takes to make a business grow, however.

So where does that leave your website? If your company is like many others, then it’s likely just gathering dust, if it even exists at all. The fact is that a high-quality, professional website is now a need for any business to succeed rather than a luxury, but actually getting one is the hard part.

Your website, just like any other part of your company, has to pull its own weight. My goal is to help make it do just that – to make it work as hard as you do.

Yup, even weekends.

Get the 1-UP on your Competition

With over 19 years of working on websites and web apps, there’s no platform, framework, or method that’s too modern or esoteric to tackle. Because let’s face it, having a pretty website is one thing, but having a kickass website is another.

Why would you settle with doing what those other guys are? Level-up your business by buffing your web presence; whether it’s a large-scale project on AWS, setting up an awesome WordPress site, or even working on new features for your current project.

There’s no such thing as too big or too small. If that sounds too easy, that’s because it is! (Really, I just set it to Easy Mode a few minutes ago.  Promise.) 

Just set your sights on the target, and let’s turn some heads!