Tammy J. Shipps

[ UX & CX Strategist | Senior Full-stack Web Developer |
 DevOps, Security, Design, UI | Cupcake Aficionado ]

I am not a fan of talking about myself, so I’m not going to do a lot of it and instead just mention the important bits.

I’ve got 19 years of software engineering experience in the industry and have worked for both big-kahuna companies and little mom-and-pops shops. I have a solid foundation in Marketing and Product as well as a passion for User and Customer Experience of all kinds, and I pair those skills up with my inner code-monkey to be able to offer wholistic, functional, and effective results for my clients and their businesses.

To learn more about me and what I do, feel free to peruse links to my various profiles or download my professional resume.

Tammy is extremely kind, loyal, talented. She will do whatever it takes to get the job done and she often would squeeze in work during off-hours, not because she had to, but to delight both the customers and our team. Because of this, she often completed jobs much sooner than expected. Her knowledge runs deep in so many areas of development; she is a true Full Stack engineer. It was wonderful having her on my team and it was a pleasure to have worked with such a passionate, brilliant developer.
Drew Straton

Director of Creative Services, Applause

Tammy is the sort of web developer that is always three steps ahead of you, but never leaves you behind. She will find and resolve issues before most people notice them–and before they ever have a chance to become problems. As soon as you articulate an idea to her, she will instantly map out how she can make it a reality. When something needs troubleshooting, she has the patience and the clarity to explain just what the problem is and she always has a solution at hand. In the time it takes most developers to accept a job ticket, Tammy has completed the job. And she does all this with grace and a smile, offering years of experience and oodles of competence that will raise your projects to the next level. I recommend her very highly.

Darcy Jacobsen

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Globoforce

Tammy applied a seemingly infinite knowledge and passion to providing our creative team with a fast, reliable and secure stack. She not only uncovered many latent problems in our backend, but had solutions within moments. This combined with her very proactive methods to updating our servers and CMS instances gave me a lot of peace of mind, and her constant availability to help with any development problems I was facing made me very grateful to have her as a colleague and a friend.

Gabriel Alvarez-Millard

Interactive Design Lead, Applause