Consulting Rates

Package Pricing

Even though each package crafted for a specific customer in mind, I can still give you a rough idea of what it might cost for common types of projects.

Basic Websites

Starting at $350.00, these packages are for smaller websites with mostly static content. They typically have less than 15 pages and do not include e-commerce. 

Branding & Corporate Identity

Basic branding packages that include a hand-crafted professional logo, business style-guide complete with specifications and color palettes, and all supporting raw files for web and print use start at start at $300.00 and run to $750.00 depending on the scale of the branding work needed.


Projects involving storefronts fall into this grouping and usually start at $500.00 per project. This could be setting up partner shopping software such as WooCommerce or BigCommerce, or rolling something more customized. 

Design & Illustration

These sort of projects are a lot harder to generalize, but typically begin around $150.00 and increase with complexity and size.